Guest Writers

Stefani Tran is a Vietnamese-Filipino poet and fictionist from Metro Manila. She is currently working as a freelance editor while writing a novel for children. She will also admit to checking Caroline Calloway’s Instagram with some frequency. You can read more of her work at her website.

Lissy Fitzgerald is an English and Media Studies graduate from Northeastern University. She lives perilously close to a fresh pasta place in Somerville, MA. She is currently working on an independent magazine PASSAGES with four very cool, talented people. She is particularly fond of pranks, planning office parties, and trying to convince her family to participate in a murder mystery game.

Laoise Slattery is a Creative Writing graduate currently residing in New York, if she hasn’t mentioned that already. Working slowly but surely towards the completion of her first novel, but also prone to the occasional short story or unenlightening film review. Follow her blog at A Fool and Her Blog for more awesome content.

Kate Conboy-Fischer is a Dublin born playwright and performer who has been writing, directing, producing and performing in work for nearly 10 years. Her work has been included in festivals such as Scene & Heard and she has performed as part of Giant Wolf Theatre Company at the Edinburgh Fringe. Her biggest influences are Harold Pinter, Virginia Woolf, Kate Bush and Charli XCX. She is a Cancer with an Aquarius moon.