what is America’s Sweethearts(?)

America’s Sweethearts(?) is a creative nonfiction writing project that stories the inner and outer lives of millennial women writers, Rebecca and Jordan-Ashley. With dark humor, empathy, and shameless candor, they invite you to suffer with them as misery always loves company. Featuring guest writers monthly, Sweethearts(?) aims to be a platform for diverse, sometimes stifled, writers to voice their thoughts, wit, and literary skills in a supportive community that values the power of the written word. 

As writers, the pressure we put on our work often stifles our craft. America’s Sweethearts(?) aims to create a safe creative space without parameters and expectation so writers can reach an immediate audience. And those readers can laugh or cry or rage but, most importantly, relate.


Jordan-Ashley Barney lives in Chicago. She has a masters degree in creative writing from Trinity College Dublin and is currently writing a novel while being super broke. She loves to write about topics concerning gender, socialism, body politics, and (of course) pop culture. She is an avid television enthusiast and true crime consumer.

Rebecca Mowbray lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. She (also) has a master’s degree in creative writing from Trinity College Dublin and spends most of her time working for her parents and starting never-finished writing projects. She loves music, movies, Marvel superheroes, planning ways to move back to Europe, and can guarantee she will like your dog more than you.